If music be the food of love, play on.
~ William Shakespeare


Allan James is a creative artist/musician located in the Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia (USA)  with his home & studio surrounded by beautiful mountains and valleys where he writes, records, produces album’s & performs live both on stage & via webcasts.

Although known for his creative style of guitar playing, AJ is an award winning singer/songwriter, composer plus multi-instrumentalist he also plays bass, keyboards & drums.

AJ is a self-taught musician, began playing guitar & singing when he was 8 & in his early teens began recording & performing live in schools, dances & charities. When 15 he moved to Iceland for a few years where he had his own TV guitar show. He headed back to the U.S. to record his 1st single, becoming a firm favorite in schools, gigs & record stores in the Washington DC area.

AJ has performed & recorded for several years as a solo artist as well as with Rock bands. He was founding member of popular rock band “Arc Of Light” which toured the East Coast & released 2 albums. AJ has also released 4 solo albums. Although influenced by some great artists, his overall sound & approach is unique & original & has developed into an extremely creative & versatile singer/songwriter with recordings being described as original, meaningful, melodic, emotive, atmospheric with a Rock edge, while being favorably compared to Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, U2 & Coldplay.

AJ has been @ the forefront of utilizing the latest technologies on the web & multimedia, being one of the 1st within the DC area for streaming his songs & live shows via webcasts having built his own webcast studio @ home.

AJ continues to build a very strong fan base of thousands fans around the world.  With his new international album release, a new music video, a new single and upcoming live performances, things are looking very bright for 2016 and beyond.

For more information, booking and promotion, please contact:  Jamesie (BUT! Music Group) butgroup.com

What are people saying about Allan's songs, music and albums?

“One of the few independent artists that is of high quality. I enjoyed Saving Angels very much. Thank you!

(Internet Radio)

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