Kicking off 2018! “Saving Angels” hits #1 on Rock charts VA USA this week. “Doors to Somewhere” album still going strong around the world.  Now all through January Allan has had at least 3 songs in the top 10.

Click below to hear Saving Angels. And click the image on the right to view the lyrics.

“Doors to Somewhere” is available on iTunes, CD Baby & Amazon.



Music video for the single “Lonely Place”. The single sent out by record label to over 150 radio stations and music biz people around the world.  

“Doors to Somewhere” is available on iTunes, CD Baby & Amazon.


Allan James "Doors to Somewhere"


The new “Doors to Somewhere” album continues to gain popularity and has sold thousands of copies world-wide. Fans and music industry people are saying some great things about the CD. Some even say it will be a classic! Allan’s new album has done very well in the UK, USA and other countries like Australia, Israel, Spain and South America.

Allan wrote all the songs, played all instruments and produced the 12 new creative songs at Arc of Light Studios. This is Allan’s debut album on his new UK based record label (BUT! Music Group). Available iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.



“Choose Life” (from “Doors to Somewhere” album) is the first full music video since new album was released. This video has received rave reviews from around the world and several thousand views on Facebook, YouTube and music sites.

Filmed at Arc of Light Studios
Produced by Allan James
Management / Record Company
But! Music Group

Allan James - New T-Shirts! - April 2016

New Merch! ~ SOLD OUT

Allan has received tremendous positive feedback for his debut album “Doors to Somewhere” but he also has gotten several accolades for the original artwork he created for the album, cover, back and insert. The new T-shirts have the cover artwork, which shows a ghostly figure walking through stone walls, and doors to somewhere… GET YOUR T-SHIRT! 


Allan James - Newsletter March 2016


Dear family, friends and fans. Winter is almost out of here… I’m happy Spring is coming soon. A change in seasons, a great time for new things in life and of course a great time to check out new music. I am pleased to announce that I’m releasing a new single, and my new music video for “Choose Life” was released in late February.  Read More
Choose Life - Allan James - New Music Video


Official Music Video – WATCH VIDEO

First full music video “Choose Life” released to coincide with the first single “Choose Life” off the album “Doors to Somewhere”,  was sent out and promoted to hundreds of radio stations around the world. Allan has received great feedback for his work on this video and new album by his fans and many in the music industry.

Doors to Somewhere - World Premier Allan James - Radio Interview (Garrett Miller - Radio Show)

by Allan James | Doors to Somewhere

Doors to Somewhere
World Premier – Radio Interview

The amazing Hollywood radio personality “Garrett Miller” interviews Allan James about the new debut album and talks to him about his musical journey and how he was able to produce an amazing and highly anticipated album. Garrett is is based in LA California and has a nightly radio show.

Doors to Somewhere – (V3)

The 3rd short promo video for the new Allan James album includes a portion of the song “Open Chance”.

New Debut album “Doors to Somewhere”. Available in stores now!

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Doors to Somewhere – (V2)

This second short promo video for the new Allan James album includes a portion of the song “Doors to Somewhere”. It conveys a feeling of being able to open doors, find a way out, and make opportunities happen.  So now the doors are open! Come on out and hear the new album that is already gaining large popularity around the world.

New Debut album “Doors to Somewhere”. Available in stores now!

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Doors to Somewhere (V1)

About a year ago Allan sent some demo songs to a famous promoter (known as “The Man in Black” in the music biz) and record company located in the UK.  A year later Allan is now signed to this record label and releasing a new 12 song debut album. This short introduction video provides a little background on how the story begins.

New Debut album “Doors to Somewhere”. Available in stores now!

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Record deal and new album

About a year ago, Allan sent some demo songs to a record company in the UK and within a week he got a phone call from a record executive (Jamesie “The man in black”) to discuss a plan to record a new album and sign a record deal. Allan worked on the project in secrecy for about a year as he knew he was getting signed but really could not tell anyone all the details until the papers were signed. Now te album is complete, the waiting is over and the doors are open!

Allan officially signed a record and publishing deal June 1, 2015. Now an international recording artist, his new debut album “Doors to Somewhere” was released August 28th, with world-wide distribution under his new record label “But Music Group”. AJ wrote, performed, recorded and produced the 12 new songs.

The record / publishing / promotion company Allan signed with, But Music Group, was created by a very famous promoter. He is very well known in the music industry and some know him as the “Man in Black”. He has worked with and promoted many iconic acts such as Elton John, Foreigner, Joe Walsh, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Cars, Bryan Adams, Yes, Robert Plant to name a few.

Allan’s songs have already received some great feedback from fans around the world as well as from important music biz executives. One example is, during a recent record company meeting in the UK, Perry Howard, president of BMI America said “Allan’s songs are great” and production wise to quote “With the likes of Jeff Lynne, George Harrison and Steely Dan”.

Allan has begun working on a live show to promote the album as well as plans for live webcast shows and music videos.

Check out the new album “Doors to Somewhere”

Check out the new album Lyrics.

Allan James
Allan James
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