Allan James - Doors to Somewhere


Award-winning songs, with music that touches the soul, heart and mind. From soft rock to rockin!

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Allan James - Doors to Somewhere


12 new creative songs written, performed, recorded and produced by Allan James.



International Release: The new Allan James album “Doors to Somewhere” available NOW!

12 creative songs that were written, recorded and produced by Allan James at Arc of Light Studios, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia. This is the first album that Allan released with his new record label (But! Music Group), and it will be distributed world-wide.

The overall response to the new album has been very favorable in the UK and USA and great reviews are coming in from fans around the world, including from some big names in the music industry. Allan’s fan base continues to grow into the several thousands from Internet radio, album sales and streaming websites.

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Allan James - Doors to Somewhere

Doors to Somewhere has received some amazing feedback! Record company and music business reviews have described Allan’s new album: “over the top“, “stunning“, “amazing talent“, “so creative, “classy and timeless songs!”

Allan is amazing! Doors to Somewhere is his best yet. Love it.” – Derek Sivers, founder, CD Baby

Perry Howard, president of BMI America said “Allan’s songs are great! And production-wise to quote: With the likes of Jeff Lynne, George Harrison and Steely Dan

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All songs, music, words, lyrics, images and artwork –  Copyright Allan James. All Rights Reserved.

Allan James - Doors to Somewhere (front)
Allan James - Doors to Somewhere (back)

Allan James has been compared to some big name artists and his new album “Doors to Somewhere” is described as soothing yet energizing combined with meaningful and interesting lyrics. Many of his songs are easy going, yet with a rock edge wrapped around the well produced sound, with talented performances on guitars, keyboards, bass and drums.

The album flows from the first song, “Choose Life” to the end instrumental track “Moon Tree”.  Several songs on the album have been very popular on internet radio, like “Saving Angels” and “Lonely Place”.

This album has the potential to be a classic and a treasure of well-written songs that have been crafted and molded into a very creative body of work. As one fan stated “all around magical compositions!”

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