New single “DIGITAL WOMAN”

March 1, 2024

Hey There Mister

New Music Video released 12/01/23

December 1, 2023 – A new music video for the song “Hey There Mister” from the Travel Onward”  album.

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New Single – My Ocean Ghost

Available on all streaming platforms.

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Allan James - New Single - My Ocean Ghost

New Single and Music video

My Ocean Ghost

The new single “My Ocean Ghost” is doing very well around the world with over 10,800  streams and 8,200 new listeners on Spotify. The new single is also being played on over 70 radio stations, including some FM radio. The music video is also gaining popularity with over 13,000 views on YouTube.

Allan is currently working on a new music video for a song from “Travel Onward” to be released in December 2023. He is also in the recording studio working on a new single and a new album. Some LIVE webcasts to be announced very soon!

“All the Time” by Allan James

The original “All The Time” song was written by Allan James and Donnie Gray in Reston VA and was featured on popular DC101 FM radio (Washington DC area), and made it onto Arc of Light’s second album which sold several thousand copies. A new updated version was recorded by Allan in 2023. This is a video of Allan jammin with the recorded song live on a webcast in 2023.


Music in the Park Concert

Allan performed solo at the “Music in the Park” concert last summer 2022 at Rose Hill Park in Virginia. He played acoustic, 12 string and electric guitars for over 2 hours of music from his latest albums, as well as some old & new songs. A few short video clips from the show.

  • The song "Our Dreams" was chosen to be on the new Numberella Charity album out of thousands of musicians/artists. There was a LIVE Interview from the UK and India to help promote the new charity album "Numberella 2022" to help children get education. New Numberella Charity Album 2022.  The Numberella Charity Album is raising money for It's Humanity Foundation (IHF) a Dhaka, Bangladesh based charity who provide free education for some of the poorest children in the world.
  • On the popular N1M music site, 10 of Allan's songs have continued to be in the Top 10 Rock charts in VA. USA.
  • Allan performd at Music in the Park concert at Rosehill Park in Berryville VA this past summer.
  • Live webcast concerts start up again on the new website. Performances by Allan and other guest musicians/artists.
  • More LIVE performances at local venues later this winter will be posted soon.

Live Webcasts

Webcast concerts begin again in late 2023 on the new website and will continue all year. Shows will be different every time, with other musicians/artists, Allan solo or with bands and special guests and interviews. “Jam for the World” project will be launched to host all the concerts and help raise awareness of some great causes and charities. The current lineup of concerts will be in the recording studio, webcast studio, piano room, outside shows and at local venues. 

The New Album "Travel Onwward" Available Now!

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New album “Travel Onward”

International recording artist, Allan James, drops a new album “Travel Onward”, following up his very successful album “Doors to Somewhere”, which was his first release after signing a record contract. This new album has 9 new songs and has already received great reviews and positive feedback from the music industry, as well as with several thousands of fans around the world.

Released on Friday, July 16th, 2021. Digital downloads and streaming are available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, and more. All Streaming Platforms

A new music video coming soon and some dates for upcoming live performances as well as a CD release event/celebration.

Early Spring 2021

Recent conference calls with record company gives green light to move forward now with New Album and a single!

A new promo music video is also in the works as well as some live performances.

2020 was a tough year for so many, and certainly for musicians, performing artists and bands. We are happy to learn that we are now moving forward to release the new album on July 16th, as well as a new single and the first music video. More details to be announced soon.

The new album is ready! We hope you can check it out  and catch AJ performing live starting in the fall of 2021.

jam with alexa

A couple videos of Allan in his piano room where he jams along with his songs “SAVING ANGELS” and “OUR DREAMS” with Amazon ALEXA!

Allan is still working on the last phase of preparing his new songs for a new album release. Things in the music biz and other factors such as the COVID problem has caused delays. His new album, new videos and some singles are all coming!

Crazy Summer

Even with a crazy summer with the pandemic, Allan got some vacation squeezed in the schedule but is now back in the studio recording and mastering the final songs. AJ’s record company is preparing the logistics for a great album release. There also might be another single released first.


The “Doors to Somewhere” album still going strong!

Available on iTunes, CD Baby & Amazon

Check out some other popular VIDEOS from the “Doors to Somewhere” album.


Making it through crazy days & nights.

A short video jammin acoustic outside… loving the air, moon, clouds and trees… thankful to be. More videos will be posted soon and live webcasts from studio.

The new album is almost ready! Working in studio and mastering the final songs that made the cut. So looking forward to releasing NEW music!


The “Doors to Somewhere” album still going strong!

Available on iTunes Amazon | Spotify

Check out some other popular VIDEOS from the “Doors to Somewhere” album.


Making it through the crazy year of 2020… Stay strong and rock on!


New popular single released!

Allan James - Our Dreams

Allan James

“OUR DREAMS” is the first single to be released and is now on several internet and FM radio stations around the world. 

Right out of the gate the song is getting some great reviews and responses from radio stations and music promoters.

Special thanks to Rob & Deuce Music PR/Promo for pushing it out to so many internet and FM radio stations worldwide!

Allan is in the studio recording songs for his new album and some live performances and webcasts are also being scheduled with the album release.

New full music video for the first single “Our Dreams” from the new album “Travel Onward”.

Latest reviews for “OUR DREAMS”

Some recent comments about “Our Dreams” single, via internet radio:

~ I must admit OUR DREAMS is fantastic & I like it so much! ~ Mary T

~ I’m gonna represent your music to my friends at the weekend party! ~ Casper D

~ I very much enjoyed your song and wish you the best in all that you do. ~ Adam R

~ Great sound and originality. Catchy music! ~ Lizza K


View other VIDEOS from the “Doors to Somewhere” album.


The “Doors to Somewhere” album still doing great!

Listen on iTunes Amazon | Spotify | Pandora

You can also stream it on Spotify and others…or just ask ALEXA…


Allan James releases his new single
“Our Dreams” available on ALL digital platforms! Cheers!

Allan James - Our Dreams

Allan James




A short break to take some time to recharge the batteries…  and now…. happy to be back and ready to rock!

New SINGLE will be out soon! Record company to set release date very soon! 

Been filming new videos of performances and getting ready for upcoming live webcast shows. Finally!!

In the studio as well putting finishing touches on songs for the new album. Happy with some more cool new songs that might back the cut. 

Doors to Somewhere” album available on iTunes, CD Baby & Amazon.


BOUNDLESS” hits #1 again on Rock charts for VA, USA. And all 9 songs on NumberOne Music site are in the top 40!

Allan during LIVE video webcast singing a new song we are excited to show you!

Also… New single COMING SOON!!

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Video production – Directors view…

Back in webcast studio getting ready for some live shows! 

The new single is ready and release date to be announced shortly!

Also the recording studio is in full swing working on songs for EP or full album to be released 2020.

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Allan James-directors-view-030619

Allan is working in the studio recording songs for the new album to be released in early 2020. There may be a single or EP released before the album.

And… since 8 songs from the successful “Doors to Somewhere” album have been published to the N1M internet radio site,  all 8 songs have been in the top 3 on the Rock charts USA!  And all the songs continue to be in the top 30. This is one internet radio station out of several where the album is still going strong!  

“Doors to Somewhere” album!

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Very happy to be back working in studio on 16 new songs! Now narrowing down which ones will make the cut.

Also, some great things happening as “Doors to Somewhere” continues to be added & streamed on more new radio, internet sites and cable around the world, plus we have delivered 2 new 60 second radio ads to promote it!


“Doors to Somewhere” album

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“DOORS TO SOMEWHERE” continues to gain popularity on several internet radio stations! On NumberOneMusic, 5 songs were again in the top 10 rock charts this week. #1 Lonely Place, #2 Doors to Somewhere, #3 Saving Angels, #4 Love Will Stay, #5 Boundless!

And more music biz doors opening as the NEW album is almost ready!


“Doors to Somewhere” keeping songs in the top 10 on N1M website rock songs in VA, USA! 

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Saving Angels

“Saving Angels” hits #1 on Rock charts VA USA several times on internet radio. This song has become very popular and fans from around the world continue writing some great feedback and wonderful comments about how they love this song. Thank you!

Click image on the right to view the lyrics.


“Doors to Somewhere” keeping songs in the top 10 on N1M website rock songs in VA, USA! 

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(Official Music Video)

Music video for the single “Lonely Place”. The single was sent out by the record label to over 150 radio stations and music biz people around the world and received great reviews and feedback.

“Doors to Somewhere” keeping songs in the top 10 on N1M website rock songs in VA, USA! 

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Allan James "Doors to Somewhere"


The new “Doors to Somewhere” album continues to gain popularity and has sold thousands of copies world-wide. Fans and music industry people are saying some great things about the CD. Some even say it will be a classic! Allan’s new album has done very well in the UK, USA and other countries like Australia, Israel, Spain and South America.

Allan wrote all the songs, played all instruments and produced the 12 new creative songs at Arc of Light Studios. This is Allan’s debut album on his new UK based record label (BUT! Music Group). Available iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.


(Offical Music Video)

“Choose Life” (from “Doors to Somewhere” album) is the first full music video since new album was released. This video has received rave reviews from around the world and several thousand views on Facebook, YouTube and music sites.

Filmed at Arc of Light Studios
Produced by Allan James
Management / Record Company
But! Music Group

Allan James - New T-Shirts! - April 2016

New Merch! ~ SOLD OUT

Allan has received tremendous positive feedback for his debut album “Doors to Somewhere” but he also has gotten several accolades for the original artwork he created for the album, cover, back and insert. The new T-shirts have the cover artwork, which shows a ghostly figure walking through stone walls, and doors to somewhere… GET YOUR T-SHIRT! 

Allan James - Newsletter March 2016


Dear family, friends and fans. Winter is almost out of here… I’m happy Spring is coming soon. A change in seasons, a great time for new things in life and of course a great time to check out new music. I am pleased to announce that I’m releasing a new single, and my new music video for “Choose Life” was released in late February.  Read More

Choose Life - Allan James - New Music Video


Official Music Video – WATCH VIDEO

First full music video “Choose Life” released to coincide with the first single “Choose Life” off the album “Doors to Somewhere”,  was sent out and promoted to hundreds of radio stations around the world. Allan has received great feedback for his work on this video and new album by his fans and many in the music industry.

Doors to Somewhere - World Premier Allan James - Radio Interview (Garrett Miller - Radio Show)

by Allan James | Doors to Somewhere

Doors to Somewhere
World Premier – Radio Interview

The amazing Hollywood radio personality “Garrett Miller” interviews Allan James about the new debut album and talks to him about his musical journey and how he was able to produce an amazing and highly anticipated album. Garrett is is based in LA California and has a nightly radio show.

Doors to Somewhere – Promo 3

The 3rd short promo video for the new Allan James album includes a portion of the song “Open Chance”.

New Debut album “Doors to Somewhere”. Available in stores now!

Learn More

Doors to Somewhere – Promo 2

This second short promo video for the new Allan James album includes a portion of the song “Doors to Somewhere”. It conveys a feeling of being able to open doors, find a way out, and make opportunities happen.  So now the doors are open! Come on out and hear the new album that is already gaining large popularity around the world.

New Debut album “Doors to Somewhere”. Available in stores now!

Learn More

Doors to Somewhere (Promo 1)

About a year ago Allan sent some demo songs to a famous promoter (known as “The Man in Black” in the music biz) and record company located in the UK.  A year later Allan is now signed to this record label and releasing a new 12 song debut album. This short introduction video provides a little background on how the story begins.

New Debut album “Doors to Somewhere”. Available in stores now!

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Record Deal and New Album

In 2015 Allan sent some demo songs to a record company in the UK and within a week he got a phone call from a record executive (Jamesie “The man in black”) to discuss a plan to record a new album and sign a record deal. Allan worked on the project in secrecy for about a year as he knew he was getting signed but really could not tell anyone all the details until the papers were signed. Now te album is complete, the waiting is over and the doors are open!

Allan officially signed a record and publishing deal June 1, 2015. Now an international recording artist, his new debut album “Doors to Somewhere” was released August 28th, with world-wide distribution under his new record label “But Music Group”. AJ wrote, performed, recorded and produced the 12 new songs.

The record / publishing / promotion company Allan signed with, But Music Group, was created by a very famous promoter. He is very well known in the music industry and some know him as the “Man in Black”. He has worked with and promoted many iconic acts such as Elton John, Foreigner, Joe Walsh, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Cars, Bryan Adams, Yes, Robert Plant to name a few.

Allan’s songs have already received some great feedback from fans around the world as well as from important music biz executives. One example is, during a recent record company meeting in the UK, Perry Howard, president of BMI America said “Allan’s songs are great” and production wise to quote “With the likes of Jeff Lynne, George Harrison and Steely Dan”.

Allan has begun working on a live show to promote the album as well as plans for live webcast shows and music videos.

Check out the new album “Doors to Somewhere”

Check out the new album Lyrics.

Allan James
Allan James
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