Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.
~ Jimi Hendrix


With several thousand fans around the world and growing every day, especially with the release of his new album, Allan is receiving well-deserved recognition for his musicianship, songwriting skills as well as production. Most of these comments are taken from Internet Radio, Social Media and Emails. There are also some great comments from record company executives and other music industry people.


“Allan is amazing! Doors to Somewhere is his best yet. Love it.” — Derek Sivers, founder, CD Baby
Derek Sivers

Founder of CDBABY

Perry Howard said “Allan’s songs are great” and production wise to quote “With the likes of Jeff Lynne, George Harrison and Steely Dan”.
Perry Howard

President , BMI America

“Allan is so talented and has a stunning new album that sounds a bit like Pink Floyd and Moody Blues.”

The BUT! Music Group, UK (Elton John, The Cars, Bryan Adams, Deep Purple and more)

“It is about time someone heard real talent and did something about it! I am very happy for you and all of your future listeners. ROCK ON!!!!”

“The songs on the new album are absolutely amazing – beautiful, ethereal, soothing and in touch with the ineffable.”

“Allan, I am honored to know a rock star! It is a beautiful thing when dreams and hard work payoff! Shine On!”

“I went to your website. You are certainly one of the best musicians from this area. I really enjoyed your songs. I particularly enjoyed Surtsey and Soon the Day is Over. Your imagination seems endless. Loved it!”

I have read everything and been watching you. I downloaded your songs and they are amazing. I love you music, your voice, you are so gifted and a great artist. Great job, and I would love to come and be a part of your release party. Thumbs up Allan and GREAT JOB!”

“One of the few independent artists that is of high quality. I enjoyed Saving Angels very much. Thank you!

I love the story behind “You Won’t Talk” and the melody and softness have a lot of heartfelt feelings, it really draws you into the song. “Let it Go” is another favorite!! – Jane S.

 “Allan, keep doing great things! You Rock!” – Cathy

“Looking forward to hearing the new tunes! I would be happy to host a release party! :)” – Cheri R.

“Awesome songs Allan!! The album is sounding great from what I have heard!!” – Michael

“I am loving the sound of your music!” – Sheila

“Its always a honor to play your tunes. Love it! ” – Tom

“So glad to hear it, Allan!! Keep up the good work!” – Carol

“Totally cool! Rock n Roll man!” – Donnie

“We’ve always known you’re a star ~ go Allan!” – Chrissy

“Cool man, Go Allan Go!” – Robert

“Fantastic! Get ready for a life of rock and roll debauchery!” – Randy

“Hauntingly lovely, rock on Allan!!” – Cherie

“That is AMAZING!!! The year of AJ!!” – Karen

“Cant wait to go on tour with you! You rock!” – Christie

“Much success!!!!!” – Ed

“This song ROCKS! Excellent vocals, harmonies, music and lyrics!” – Saundra

“Fantastic news!!!! Congrats!” – Dari

“WoW…so cool! Good luck with the project, you rock!” – Karen

“Awesome songs! You’re on your way!” – Yvonne

“Congrats so excited for you!” – Sabrina

” I want to come to your release party !!! : )” – Sharon

“Very happy and excited for you. You’re a hard working multi talented man that has never gave up on your dreams. Keep rocking my friend.” – Debbie

“Love the artwork!!!” – Lori

” I already have 1 of your cds. Can’t wait to hear this one!” – Darlene

I’ll help you with the gear if you go on tour!” – Julian

“I really like this, Allan!” – Trish

” Looking forward to hearing your new songs on the upcoming album! ” – T.B.

“Congratulations! Well done! I’m looking forward to hearing your latest creations.” – Ben

“WOooooo HOOOOooooo! This is so great, Allan! I’ll have to have a “Listen Party” – Sandy

“Great job man keep up the good work!” – Billy

“Excellent. You know I need to shoot you! – Laura

“So exciting Allan. Happy for u!!! U have worked soooo hard!” – Cheri

“Congratulations!!! You have the talent, drive, and know how to get it done!! You deserve it! ” – Veronica

“Cool song Allan… I like it! :)” – Mary

” Wow I love this song! “

” Such fresh music! “

” Like the sound both music and voice “


” Very nice contemporary, kind of like Peter Gabriel “

” I love your music”

“ The words to this song are awesome! It’s exactly how I feel today. Where did you come from? ”

” Oh my … I love it “

” Great talent Allan!”

” I love Saving Angles”

” A great piece, I love it. Good one Allan James”

” Never heard of you, but you rock!”

” Cool Music! “

” Awesome!”

” Great listening music!”

” Love it”

” The best!”

” Choose Life – love the lyrics, a very good song”