Music is the soundtrack of your life.

~ Dick Clark



“LONELY PLACE” – Released March 10, 2017

New music video to promote the release of the single “Lonely Place” to be sent out by UK record label to over 150 radio stations and other music biz people around the world on Friday, March 17


“Her Journey” – Jam for the World (Part II)

New short video clip from my new online series called “JAM FOR THE WORLD” ( PART II. During recent webcast rehearsals in July I was warming up on guitar to my new song “Her Journey” (instrumental) that is not yet on any albums. Hope you ejoy! More videos and live webcasts coming soon! ~ AJ


“Nothing Sad” – Jam for the World (Introduction)

Happy August to everyone! Here’s a new video that introduces my new live webcast and video on demand series called “JAM FOR THE WORLD” (

I talk a bit about how this series will include live webcasts, videos, interviews, house concerts, special guests and more. I hope you get a chance to check it out. This first song to kick off the series is a new song I wrote called “Nothing Sad” (it’s not completed yet) that speaks about how it would be great to have a day without sad news, and sometimes we have to just turn off the TV… Hope you enjoy! AJ

“Choose Life”

Allan released his first full music video to promote the new single “Choose Life”, the first song on the “Doors to Somewhere” album. This song has received some great reviews and feedback from internet radio fans. The new video was shot at Allan’s webcast studio and highlights the songs lyrics about living your life to the fullest.


“Choose Life” was chosen from the new album to be a single that will be released and promoted to radio stations around the world.

This new shorter version has been re-mixed and is radio ready! If a radio station likes the longer album version, then they can use that one! This will be Allan’s first single from the new album. The song will be released in late February.

A new full music video will also be released to coincide with the single. That video will be released right after Valentine’s Day, sometime during the week of FEB 16.

Live Webcast: Summer 2017

Allan will be performing live webcasts from the studio. Details will be available soon.

Allan has performed and been involved in doing webcast for a long time. He realized early in the infancy of the internet that live shows, interviews and tours could be shown to an audience around the world with just a few cameras, a live audio feed, some marketing and patience in getting it all to work correctly!

These days webcasts have become much more popular and many artists and bands are utilizing this powerful medium, but Allan was a very early adopter of using webcasts to help get his music out to the world and within a pretty modest budget.

Allan’s first experience of webcasting was from a humble studio in Herndon Virginia, USA. he had in his first home. He was using  some software in the late 90s called NetMeeting by Microsoft and he connected his webcam to a live party going on in Germany. The people at the party were very impressed with Allan’s songs and he performed about 10 songs for them while they had a big celebration. In those days, there was only one simple camera and the quality of audio and video was not so great. But Allan was stunned by the power it had to reach another country and show them his songs all in one night, and he made some new friends and fans right from his studio without carrying equipment anywhere!

One of the people at the party in Germany raised his big mug of beer and spoke into the webcam and said to Allan: “Allan, this is your very first trans-Atlantic concert!” Everyone cheered in the background!  Allan sat back in his chair with amazement and was sold, webcasts for musicians is the way to go and he has been doing them since. Now he has better and enhanced his capabilities to do a webcast from his studio, with HD cameras, software and the technology and high bandwidth these days helps make it a great experience. Check out Allan very soon as he gets back into webcasting some shows and promoting his new debut album!

OCT, NOV, DEC 2015

More “Doors to Somewhere” promo videos.


Check out the videos on YouTube, Facebook and some here on this site. Click here

AUGUST 28, 2015

Doors to Somewhere – Album Release

Get the CD or digital downloads at CDBaby, iTunes, and other online stores.

Purchase information and more album details here!

AUGUST 28, 2015

Radio Interview

August 28th, 2015 at 8PM EST.

Live Radio Interveiw

The same day Allan’s new album will be released, Friday, August 28th, Allan was interviewed on the amazing and talented “Garrett Miller Radio Show” from Hollywood California.

Tune in and hear the interview and then Garrett will play Allan’s new album “Doors to Somewhere” in it’s entirety!


Below is the ON DEMAND Audio of the radio interview.
(If you missed the live interview radio show, you can still listen right here to the on-demand audio below)

Radio Interview - Doors to Somewhere World Premier (Garrett Miller - Radio Show)

by Allan James | Doors to Somewhere